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Random photos of Eritrea and Eritreans
Nice pics particularly the pic from Gogne. Thanks
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Eritrean men don't wear smart clothes.
Why are majority Eritreans sense of fashion is none existence, they are always looking scruffy, unkempt ugly and uncoordinated way of dressing, shall we blame the Eritrean women or UN? 
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Photos of Eritrean Weddings in the Diaspora
wow wonderful couple with their traditional wedding dress, wish you long lasting marriage and happiness.
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UK Fact-Finding Mission of Eritrea: illegal exit and national service
A very interesting and detailed information on Eritrea and enemies and detractors are licking their wounds!!
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What will happen in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is in critical situation if the events unfold will there be a total anarchy or Woy-ane with the help of its friends will resurrect to misrule again?
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