This is  to share with you a subject which should be of a serious concern to all Eritreans. After half a century of bloody and destructive struggle for libration it’s unfortunate that some Eritreans are still harboring tribal politics in its ugliest form. Sadly, this makes the sacrifice of our heroic people looks meaningless. Let me elaborate my point by citing a discussion on a site I stumbled while looking for a certain Eritrean opposition website. This particular discussion group mercilessly attacks one of Eritrea’s nine nationalities, namely the Rashaidas, accusing the entire population for crime(s) committed against Eritrean refugees, supposedly by some individuals from this nationality. The group, which sounds to me, an opposition to the government, consciously or unconsciously, throws xenophobic slanders against this people and even goes to the extent of suggesting the abrogation of their Eritrean nationality.

. To me this is irresponsible and is an example of ethnic hatred at its zenith. I have seen  other messages which could be classified as xenophobic in Eritrean websites, but this one is the worst of them all which can be easily identified as an incitement for ethnic cleansing, through mass media, which itself is crime against humanity. As far as I am concerned an affront against one of the nationalities in Eritrea is against the nine in the country, and, therefore, all those working hard to bringing about democracy justice should condemn this unequivocally and should defend Eritrean politics from the encroachment of this kind of xenophobic tendencies.

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