To her Excellency Angela Merkel the Federal Chancellor of Germany

December 4, 2014

This is the voice of millions of Ethiopian all over the world, including the forgotten Ethiopian who starves democracy, freedom and Justice.This is the voice of prisoned journalists, bloggers and political prisoners who seeks fair and true justice. We believe your Excellency Angela Merkel stand for democracy and true non-discriminatory justice!

You’re Excellency

This is a briefing letter on Ethiopian issue; and the ever worsening human rights and infringement of constitutional rights that are pertaining as a result of gruesome human right violation in Ethiopia!

1. Ethiopia deserves an independent press to advance democracy and the rule of law. We urge the EU and Germany to demand immediate release of journalists, bloggers, other media workers and political dissenters. There can’t be free and fair elections without an independent and free press and without the opening up of political space for all stakeholders.

2.Forcible evictions, rapes, killings, dispossessions and persecutions of indigenous people and others from their lands—-Gambella, the Omo Valley, the Ogaden and Beni-Shangul Gumuz—and ethnic cleansing of Amharas throughout Ethiopia have reached a tipping point and entail existential risks for the country. These atrocities must be stopped by the global community before Ethiopia becomes the next Rwanda.

We genuinely believe and trust that Germany as a democratic country the EU, and the UN system can and should take the lead in helping to stop the onslaught. We urge you to also reflect and give thoughts on the merit of a National Reconciliation and Peace process involving all stakeholders. We admit that Ethiopia is not at war on the scale of Rwanda or South Africa etc. But there is a silent war; and people are paying with their lives.

We hope and pray you will agree with us that the German with the UN System and especially the German human right have a moral if not a fiduciary responsibility as a global human rights watchdog to consider this appeal.

OHCHR is willing and ready to send special Rapporteurs to Ethiopia to investigate gross human rights violations including the uprooting and ethnic cleansing of Amharas. This won’t happen unless, under your leadership, the German participates in real terms and not in rhetoric.

“We call upon the Government of Ethiopia to free all persons detained arbitrarily under the pretext of countering terrorism…Let journalists, human rights defenders, political opponents and religious leaders carryout their legitimate work without fear of intimidation and incarceration.” We should like to add. Let Ethiopians live wherever

Her Excellency

We know that today you will met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr Hailemariam Desalegn , it is known that you as a German Chancellor and as a good governor expected to urge the release of political Prisoners , journalists and bloggers and to discuss over the release of all political prisoners.

With Best regards
Ethiopians In Germany


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