Silence Us!
Written by Samson Negassi

One fact we should all remember is that, the minute you give up or sell your identity, then you automatically become a tool. Now, these tools have no control of their actions because they are steered by Weyane. As we can see from their every weyane funded meetings from DebreZeyt in Ethiopia to Mark center in Alexandria, Virginia, the tools are dispersed without any fruit. And the reason for their 
downfall is that, while one bids to sell Eritrea, the other one wants to divide it by regions and sell it too. They are infested with sick and backward and dividing regional and religious ideologies that, they are against each other. They eat each other that its a blessing in disguise they are where they are, in hell. 

On Eritrean independence day, Friday 24th May, 2013 at 12:15, these tools with Tigrayan Ethiopians arrived at the Eritrean Embassy in DC to show their stand against Eritrean independence. But when they saw Eritreans celebrating their independence just outside their very Embassy in DC, the servants got frustrated and started throwing Eggs at the Eritreans who were celebrating their independence. And just after they loitered there for 25 minutes, they were chased away by the police. Then when they gathered in the evening (mainly for free meal paid for by the State department via servants Weyane) at the Hilton Mark center Alexandria, they as usual were hurling insults at each other and it resulted in cutting their useless meeting short. 

At the same time, Eritreans all over the world and particularly in DC area were celebrating their Independence Day from Friday all the way to Monday. Fortunately it was a long weekend here in USA and after the delightful Friday outside the Eritrean Embassy in DC, the celebration continued on Saturday where thousands of Eritreans enjoyed a day out at Fort Hunt park and that followed with a party at Embassy suits. Then the Grand Finale celebration at the Omni Shorham hotel where again thousands of Eritreans attended and enjoyed a colorful night. 

On Monday 27 May, again thousands of Eritreans attended a seminar by the the eloquent leaders foreign minister Mr. Osman Saleh and presidential adviser Mr. Yemane Gebreab. The interesting thing here is that, some semi tools attended the seminar and they told me that for sure they were educated and enlightened. Eritrean freedom is a result of sacred blood and bones of Eritreans and nothing will shake the strong wall of Eritreanism.
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