This thread is dedicated to pictures and videos of Eritrean weddings from the diaspora. I'm still relatively young, so i'm going to post pictures of people from my age bracket, but feel free to post pictures or videos of any age group as there is no age limit to love. 

Eritrean wedding of the Tigrinya ethnic group - Seattle, Washington

Traditional Eritrean Wedding.jpg 

Eritrean wedding of the Jeberti ethnic group  - Dallas, Texas
Eritrean couple.jpg 

Eritrean wedding of the Bilen ethnic group  - United States

Bilen Eritrean Wedding.jpg
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wow wonderful couple with their traditional wedding dress, wish you long lasting marriage and happiness.
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Eritrean newlyweds wearing traditional wedding attire

eritrean wedding.jpg 
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Merahwi proposing to his lovely girlfriend. She said yes

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eritrean wedding haben.jpg 
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