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Number of Eritrean Refugees WORLDWIDE Last Year: 18,000
"More than 1,500[18,000/year] Eritreans, including unaccompanied minors, flee the country monthly."
Number of Ethiopian Refugees in SAUDI ARABIA Last Year: 800,000
"1.6 Million Ethiopian Refugees Have Illegaly Entered Saudi Arabia since 2012, according to the Chinese state-owned international news agency CCTV."
Ethiopian populaion: 93million
Eritrean population: 6.3million
So Ethiopia has 14.7x the populaion of Eritrea
Ethiopian Refugees in SAUDI ARABIA 2013: 800k
Eritrean Refugees WORLDWIDE 2013:18k
So Ethiopia produced 44x times the total number of Eritrean refugees worldwide, in Saudi Arabia alone. 

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