Shum Gedede by the Hypocrite SaliH Ghadi

SaliH “Ghadi” Johar is running a “Free soup kitchen” for Eritreans.

SaliH “Ghadi” Johar says: ”2) If the waiter is also the a person running a soup kitchen for free,” when referring to his hypocritical website He does not allow any expression that is contrary to his sick brain washing of Eritrean youth against their best interest. He is in it for the money!

Until it is all penned to reveal the TRUTH about the intellectual masturbation masters at with a new web site dedicated to truth and justice enjoy the hype for now.

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Com' on folks.... This is the Eritrean Economics. Human Trafficking. You spy and get facts they spy and get facts... spy gets paid here spy gets paid there. A double agent spy, a playa playa, like ma self does not get paid or gets paid everywhere and any damn where he or she wants.

Sophia Vs. Elsa.

Elsa: Tell yo boys out there to send some more kidneys for Da pate for da party

Sophia: You have to use grade A youth for the kidney pate. I will be excellent with some Chardonnay. I have to ask Big Papa to release a few from the dungeons. What good are they if we Eritrean's can't put some steak with the baldonga and ruz.

Elsa: Yo blitch... just send some more you fat ho. You try living on 58k UK ain't got Agdos I could get pimped out to every night. From Kenya all the way to Timbaktu??? ain't you got some shame glitch? Yeah release some from the dungeons. Angolena Jolie is ma blitch out heah girl let me tell ya.... WE WILL ASK THE MINIMUM WAGE FOR the Jail Grade you send us. Thanks for the Chardonnay. I like LIVER PATE ma SELF BITCH!

Sophia: Hey hon, I just finished kicking in it with Elsa. That blitch doesn’t even like kidney pates and said to me to send her some mo youth for he paryt.

Ghadi Johar: F that blith… You come in over tonight?

Sohpia: I wouldn’t miss it for the world baby. Did you get some Cabernet. I am thinking we shouldn’t waste the meet after you guys get paid for the organs. You can barbeque.

Ghadi Jojar: I got the fire burning already. I got my fire lit for you too somewhat…

Sophia: Maybe I can bring a friend. We can have a manage threesom.

Ghadi Johar: Yeah yea yea.. Who who do you have in mind baby?

Sophia: I was thinking Tanya.

Ghadi Jojar: BITCH now you know you making me mad. Bring Tony Pfluck a Tanya.

Sophia:  Why you always say Tony Tony Tony! You ain’t a kid no mo.

Ghadi Jojar: Because HE is GRRRRREAAAAT like my friend Halie TG!


Click on the link below: Grrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaat! Link does not work: Think Frosted Flakes.


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