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By Hidrom,



Elias Kifle is one of the many "የነፍጠኛ ልጆች" in the streets of the West who still dream to rule Ethiopia according to the past “ባላባት-ጪሰኛ" political, social, and economic order of Ethiopia. He is one of the Amhara in the streets of the West who are still dreaming of the "Ethiopia under Menelik and Haileselassie". Of course, he can only try to present Eritrea “as the enemy”; if he is to get the support of the Ethiopians. Unfortunately to Elias Kifle, the rest of the Ethiopians, especially the Oromo and Ogaden, know Eritrea has never been the enemy of Ethiopia. In fact the rest of the Ethiopians know it was Eritrea that saved and liberated Ethiopia from her “demons“- the “Amhara Neftegna“ political and social order. By crushing the Kingdom of Hailesellassies and by demolishing the Derg (Mengistu Hailemariam) Eritrea also liberated Ethiopia for good from the domination and exploitation of the Showa Amhara.


Elias Kifle, perfectly knows it was Eritrea that saved Ethiopia from her demons; that is, from the Amhara Rule and exploitation. If there is one thing Elias Kifle and the Amhara elite hate; it is Eritrea and Eritreans. For it is the Eritreans who came and liberated the rest of the Ethiopians. It was the Eritreans who came and challenged the cultural, linguistic, economic, and political domination of the Amhara from day one and at the end the Eritreans liberated Ethiopia. I remember, how could I forget, when an Ethiopian news paper Addis Zemen to have written "Arat Kilo and Sidist Kilo Speak Tigrigna"; a testimonial to Eritrean university students refusing to be "Amharanized" in Addis Ababa.


Do not forget the likes of Elias Kifle are still day-dreaming, Elias Kifle still night-dreaming, and Elias Kifle is still hallucinating about the good old days-the “BALABAT-CHISEGNA“ order in Ethiopa. For that matter take a look at the Amhara intellectuals, especially those who are living in the West, they are still hallucinate about the “BALABAT-CHISEGNA“social order. Do not blame the likes of Elias Kifle, if they are still remembering the "good old days" of the Amhara domination and exploitation of the Ethiopia.


But time have changed and this is the 21st Century; gone forever is the domination of Amhara in Ethiopia. Besides, how can the Amhara elites in the West seem NOT to understanding what "democracy" was meant to be. It is time the Amhara to uphold the ideals of "democracy" which preaches "equality, fraternity, and liberty" of people, including every Ethiopia. No more are the majority (the Oromo) and the rest of the Ethiopia to be reduced to “CHISEGNA”. The Amhara elite, instead wasting their time to glorify the history of Menelik and Hailesellasie, it is time for them to start writing the history of the other societies and civilizations of in the modern day country we call Ethiopia. Just like the Amhara, there are other Ethiopian societies and people with rich historical and cultural values that could be told. Time for the Amhara to accept with equality there is peace and liberty.


Unless Elias Kifle and the Amhara Intellectuals in Diaspora are careful and wake up from their day-dreaming, Ethiopia could end as the next “Balkanized State“. As for Elias Kifle and the Amhara intellectuals that you see wasting their time dreaming about their "good old days" of Menelik and Hailesellasie era; they have got only to accept that there shall be no more Ethiopia under the rule of the Amhara or for that matter under to rule of Weyane. That fact and that truth, they have to accept. It is high time for the Amhara to change or at the very least to accept the inevitable change that has come to Ethiopia. Ethiopia has changed, the Amhara got to learn to live with it. If not, they have to get ready to accept the inevitable-a Balkanizd Ethiopia. 

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