Silence Us!
Written by: Barnabas Araya Yohannes

Let’s pause and call to mind that Eritrea is a newest country (only second to Juba) that started from zero. It did not have oil, gold or any other natural resources that could generate foreign income. Let alone rich natural resources, it did not even have drinkable water. Its main income has been the 2% contribution of Eritreans in the Diaspora. But, many (if not most) Eritreans in the Diaspora do not make a regular payment of their 2% contribution.

Moreover, at the time of its liberation (1991), a lot of its youths, who would have been urgently needed to meet the challenges of the coming decades, were either killed or maimed during the war or they were arbitrarily massacred by the brutal Ethiopian aggression. On the top of that, Eritrea entered into another costly war (1998). Ever since then, it has been living under the threat of war.

If you must jump a ditch, you should step back a bit in preparation for your jump over the ditch.

As you know, when you build electric poles, homes, schools, hospitals, water reservoirs, pavements, roads, tunnels, highways, etc. etc., you will need to import a great deal of oil, asphalt, metal and all kinds of building materials. You also must purchase weapons for the defense forces. 

Admittedly, even though the work they have completed and the distance they have traveled had been long, thorny and arduous, beset with many pitfalls, yet the prize of their accomplishments has been priceless. Even though Eritrea has been alone and limited in their experiences, capacities, and resources, yet, with their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, they had not only been able to feed their own people, they even have never been in the top 20 lists of “The Failed States Index.” (Unlike Ethiopia).

Despite their religious, linguistic, and tribal differences they are all welded together and united as one family. They work together, they play together, the laugh together, and they cry together.

This only shows, despite the fact that Eritrea was made an object of such monstrous betrayals, unfair sanctions, and a target for such vicious assaults, it has been going from strength to strength, forging ahead, undaunted and its spirit unbroken by the injuries that it has received. 

Even though the combined forces of the enemies that Eritrea was fighting were fierce, numerous, and unrelenting, yet with their firm resolution and unshakable confidence, they were able to vanquish their hopes and annihilate their forces.

Though Eritrean resources are as yet meager, though its recent victories in the mining industries are as yet unconsolidated, though it has hardly recuperated from its recent wars, all these construction works undertaken during a period of great national exhaustion and severe shortage, demonstrates, thereby, its strength and resilience in the face of the trials and obstacles which it has had to struggle against in the past. 

The miracle this courageous and determined people have performed over so vast a territory, in so short a time, and under such adverse circumstances, cannot but foretell future success of an enterprise infinitely more meritorious.

With the discovery of gold, potash and other natural resources, Eritrea now is standing on the threshold, which will enable them to swiftly march out of poverty into wealth and prosperity. 

This nation, so young in years, yet nevertheless so rich in exploits, may, in the months immediately ahead, as well as in the years immediately following this year, if they continue to persevere and labor with persistent confidence and dynamism, what awaits them is a stretch of an endless vista of success, of an enterprise infinitely more meritorious, and of far greater promise endowed with vastly superior potentialities.

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