Silence Us!
Written by Meron Negash

After Reading the Canadian situation, I emailed this to the email provided

How dare you insult the progress of a small nation? Progress of Eritrea

To whom it may concern:

It is sad to see you defaming and dehumanizing the progress of Eritrea by taking the info of the liars that left Eritrea on their own will in order to get the dollar America has or the hard work that Canada is accomplishing!! A lot of those who are claiming that Eritrean GOV is causing them to pay 2 percent are people who are miserable who are not happy for the progress of Eritrea. 

If you know anything about the system of Somalia; like the people who are lying to you all and saying that Eritrea is violating human rights are like the hoodlums of Somalia; they do not want any level of civility. They never wanted to follow any order in Eritrea. Healthcare, Education and many other resources are free in Eritrea because the Gov. realizes that it is necessary for progress. Those ppl who are telling you the lies about 2% are out to destroy any level of stability in Eritrea! They are people who do not want to follow any order in a society. They want to overthrow any Gov who is for good of a country! They are the type of people who will come to Canada and work under the table just so they do not have to pay taxes! They understand the need for order but they want to destroy it by any means necessary.

Please do not victimize a country that is on a constant uphill progress and working hard to feed it's people without taking world bank loans but instead organizing so well the people to work hard in order to feed it's own population. Those who understand that we could farm and eat, they are working and going along with the plan and allowing the leaders to lead until the international situations are situated and Eritrea is recognized as a country. 

Please be mindful of what you listen to. If you research further, you will see that those who are telling you this want to overthrow any level of stability in Eritrea. They do not want to stabilize Eritrea because they do not understand the hard work that is done to even run one organization. They do not respect even your organization if you see the a little deeper. A lot of the people who are complaining already benefited from a Western equivalent Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees at the expense of the sacrifice and decision of the president and Gov. at this point. But, they want to come to your country and for the sake of asylum want to fabricate these lies. It is important you look deeper onto the issue before you create hate and lies that they are leading you to.

2% has never been a must in and from Eritrea. I have donated to Eritrea for different causes as an American now who was born in Eritrea. It is not up to you as a country to say how Canadians spend their money or who they donate to. It is very dictatorship style of you to say that we should not give to anyone; would you not think? 

Back to the Somali situation, since America wanted to support one group over the other and wanted to kill the president at that time, they were defeated because there was not enough understanding of what is down on the ground. At this time, the ones that are informing you are ones that are organizing to destroy any level of civility created in Eritrea/Horn of Africa. 

I warn that you research and not take what they say to be truth! IT is not professional to listen to these people. I guarantee you it is better to wait before going from their word.

Thank you for considering the reality of hard working people and a level of order that has been established by the Good Gov. of Eritrea.

Please protect civility and protect the relationship between Canada and Eritrea; Please move forward and not backwards.

From a concerned citizen


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