(CNN) -- Gleaming skyscrapers towering over upwardly mobile professionals and flashy cars cruising along brightly lit avenues; young urbanites zipping past manicured lawns to enter their luxury condos; state-of-the-art labs fostering tech savvy entrepreneurs' million-dollar ideas.

A glimpse of Africa's urban future or utopian fantasies?

Konza Technology City - Kenya
Eko Atlantic - Nigeria
La Cite du Fleuve - DR Congo

King City - Ghana
Are they utopian fantasies?
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This for example is what you might call a true rendering. Because the buildings here are not generic, but they are actual proposals for the City. They have actual identities.
This however is not a true rendering - it is Urban Design - it is showing you the type of buildings to be expected within the regulations and planning
The roads/Canals infrastructure = What is in the renders = 100% Built 
Go on Google Earth and search for Lagos Nigeria and then compare the satellite Imagery to the Masterplan - it is 100% the same as the Masterplan.
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