A Tribute to Dr. Ephrem Tekle ( owner): Thank you for all that you have done.

Dr-Efrem-Tekle-250It has taken me a few days to say something about a dedicated son of Eritrea and a good friend, brother and colleague to many of us in the virtual community as well as the DC metro area community and above. I would have preferred silence and mourned the tragic loss of Dr.Ephrem Tekle at such a young age. However, this man never wanted to be on the spot light and if we don’t speak and tell his story and our experiences in the journey known as Life, then who will! I have known Dr.Ephrem for many years starting in the early 1990’s when I first got involved as a contributor to the website. Dr.Ephrem was a humble person who loved his people and country but also enjoyed the way new technology brought us the Diaspora Eritreans together as a people. He played a huge role alongside of many others in maintaining the forefront and pioneering Eritrean website “” on a volunteer basis. It was a time consuming venture that also required financial backing and the good Doctor never complained even when people did not pay their obligations taking a hit sometimes from his own pocket.

What made Dr.Eprem a unique character is his ability to identify problems, his tenacity during challenging times and solving any issues that came unexpected immediately knowing that Dehai was the daily dose of information that kept Eritreans world wide with accurate and timely information. It also allowed people to write their feelings and ideas without much censorship. It was the voice of the masses and it was a simple discussion based website where everyone can upload important news and information at a moments notice. There was even a time when some hotly contested political debates too place regularly. Sometimes there was deliberate misinformation by the enemies of Eritrea that always got refuted. But what made Dehai unique is the important news stories all packaged in a website that always remained up and running thanks to the great efforts of Dr.Ephrem Tekle.

Every Eritrean should be proud of Dr.Ephrem, as he was a great scholar with a humble attitude to say the list. He was so low profile not many people knew his career background. Dr.Ephrem was tenured at NIH (National Institutes of Health) in Bethesda as an information biochemist and gave hope to others that with hard work and dedication you can achieve big things. You can be a professional and still help your land of origin while achieving your dreams in your adopted homeland.

It is possible to do both if you are aware and conscious. You must never give an inch to those who think negatively about your beliefs. Dr. Ephrem must be commended for keeping his calm despite the many attacks on dehai and helping to maintain it so that Eritreans everywhere can learn and see what is happening when it comes to Eritrea. Dr.Ephrem also participated in other important ventures that helped the Eritrean virtual community. He never once complained. His love for photography also allowed him to present us with pictures from Eritrea and the USA.

During these times when we see the enemies of Eritrea attacking this blessed land of a can do people we have lost an icon and a proud son of Eritrea. Eritrea has been through so much and the simple fact we as a people continue to stand for our beliefs in knowing that the future is bright for this young nation keeps us ticking, unfortunately for one of ours Dr.Ephrem time was not on his side. I guess the man upstairs as they say took him from us too soon. But we must continue the legacy of Eritreans like Dr. Ephrem by making sure that Dehai is still the website of choice by participating and making it even better than it was in the past.

As a nation I will say, that the light which led us to freedom, and unity, still burns and will burn on, till it conquers. I believe firmly that a great and united future is the destiny of the nation and its people. Thanks to the roles that people like Dr.Ephrem played in enhancing the growth and development of Eritrea.

Rest in peace and we will miss you forever.

Awet N’hafash

Zelalemawi zikri n’swatna.

Mike Seium

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Dr. Ephrem Tekle 
October1956 — November 2013
Dr. Ephrem Tekle passed away of a sudden illness on November 11, 2013 in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Ephrem was born on October 5, 1956, to his parents the late Mr. Tekle Ukbayohannes and Mrs. Yihdega Ghebreselassie in the town of Kombolcha, North-Central Ethiopia.
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RIP Dr Ephrem.
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goit is frozen sjnce the death of dr.ephrem. Is that mean no one will continue to run dehai.
I am very sad, dehai and were my favourite web sites.
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